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The DataWidget™ Checkout Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for companies to offer list-building services and data sales to both internal and external customers; directly via your own web site. There are no setup or recurring fees associated with this program; however you will need a PayPal Web Payments Pro merchant account which currently costs $30 per month.

You will be able to offer list-building and data sales from any web page in minutes once you have completed your registration and configuration. The DataWidget™ Checkout Affiliate Program will provide you with a simple snippet of code which can be inserted into any web page or pages (as an iFrame) – alternatively you can create your own DataWidget™ on a web page hosted on our site – your choice.

In order to get going you will need two pieces of information (a) your PayPal Web Payments Pro credentials and (b) your unique DataWidget™ Access Key. When you enter these two sets of information into your DataWidget™ Checkout Affiliate Program Administration site the system will provide you immediately with your unique snippet of code for your iFrame (to insert into your own web site) or your own DataWidget™ Checkout Page depending on which you prefer.

To sign-up for PayPal Web Payments Pro please visit this link – the current cost is $30 / month - PayPal.

To acquire your DataWidget™ please call LeadsPlease™ on (866) 306-8674 or email – we will build and configure your own DataWidget™ and configure this with your own online prices. There are no fees associated with this – you will charged at the agreed trade prices (via your encrypted corporate credit card) only after your online customers have paid you for each mailing-list.

To begin create a new Affiliate Profile by clicking the Register button located on the Administrative login page ( Then, complete the Affiliate Registration form.

General Information

Complete the General Information portion of the form as follows:

DataWidget™ Interface Configuration

The DataWidget™ Checkout site uses the DataWidget™ Interface provided by LeadsPlease™. To use the DataWidget™ Interface, one must have a DataWidget™ Account. To create a DataWidget™ Interface account, please contact LeadsPlease™ directly at 866-306-8674 or by emailing them at The affiliate profile can be created without providing the DataWidget™ Account credentials. However these credentials will eventually need to be provided before list services can be provided.

After entering the profile information, click the Submit Profile button. The site will create your profile and send a validation email message to the email address listed in the Contact Email Address field.

Contained in this validation email address is a validation link. Once the link is clicked, the profile will be activated and a second email message will be sent to the same address.

This welcome email message will contain the login credentials for the affiliate account. Use those login credentials to access your DataWidget™ Checkout affiliate account.


To access your DataWidget™ Checkout Administrative site, enter your email address and password.

If you do not have an Affiliate Account, you can create one by clicking on the Register button. If you have forgotten your login credentials, you can have them emailed to you by clicking the password reminder link, entering your name and email address and clicking the Send Reminder button.